Hi, I am Abdol Rauf

I have been working with writing challenged clients for years on a variety of topics.  Being a freelance content writer, an op-ed blogger, and an internet entrepreneur, I am creating and marketing prime-quality content all the time.

The national media publications like Daily Times, Parhlo, and Express Tribune publish my op-eds. I also write about my experience as a freelance writer on my blog and LinkedIn. Other niches of my interest include affiliate content and online education. 

My mission is to add value to the masses with powerful written content. 

Why & How It Started

Long time ago in 2009, I started reading tons of information on the internet about what I had in my mind. Even now, I do it and I’m an avid reader of Quora and the blogs of my interests.

Adding value to the masses with the help of our content is the most fascinating idea. So, I created my first blog in 2010 and started writing. However, I wrote occasionally because of my activities in the social sector, studies, and career in sales & marketing.

I also love ↓

what else do i love

Apart from adding value with the help of a powerful written content, I love

  • Playing badminton
  • Traveling

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Niches of Interest

Online Learning

I have trained myself to write on a variety of topics، but if you ask about my niche of interest, I would openly go for online education or e-learning.

Art of Writing

Having read tons of content on the art of writing for the web, I write a lot in the niche. In fact, my blog is all about it. However, I also love writing op-eds.

Affiliate Content

Years ago, creating affiliate content was my first job. And I keep getting back to it. Currently, I am working on three affiliate projects.



Engaging content grabs the attention of the reader and converts. Having the user-intent in my mind, I develop readable, useful, and valuable content.

Conversational Tone

In the world of web content writing, you don't need sophisticated jargon. That's why I always go for a conversational tone unless prohibited by the client.

On-time, Always

I never outsource, and I don't have a team. That's why I only take a project when I can complete it on time. Get to know if I have some free slots.

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