You want to start an anonymous blog but find it challenging to come up with its name.  

Look no further! Because I’ve brainstormed over 99 anonymous blog name ideas to inspire you and help you kickstart your nameless blogging journey. Do you know that you can also go with anonymous image hosting?

Whether you’re starting a niche blog about travel, lifestyle, DIY, or something general, I have witty phrases and clever puns. So, grab a cup of coffee, relax, and let’s dive into tons of anonymous name ideas.

Tips for Good Names for Anonymous Bloggers

People convey some messages on their anonymous blogs. So, it’s important to make some foundation with your mission and vision when naming your blog.

Or you can showcase your personality through this. Do you want it to be mysterious and intriguing? Or funny and irreverent? Maybe a combination of both?

Once you have a clear idea of your brand and voice, use the tips below to generate some ideas.

1/ Decide on the Anonymous Blog Niche

Choosing a blog name that accurately represents the content and tone of your blog is important.

A well-chosen blog name screams your vision!

I recommend considering the niche or content you want to create on your blog. Different niches require differing blog name conventions.

For example, an anonymous tech blogger may prefer short and snappy names to convey the feeling of innovation and trend-setting.

Alternatively, an anonymous philosophical blogger may love longer, melancholic names to express a sense of depth and contemplation.

Choose a Niche for Your Blog

Let me give you another example from the most popular anonymous blogs

  • An anonymous historian created a blog about life in Mosul, a war-stricken city in Iraq. And he named his anonymous blog “Mosul Eye.” 

So, understanding the niche and the feelings your blog wants to evoke can help you create the perfect name that resonates with your audience.

2/ Get Inspired by Popular Anonymous Bloggers

If you’re struggling to develop a name for your anonymous blog, taking some inspiration from well-known anonymous bloggers might help. 

  • Eduwonkette – about education policy.
  • Mosul Eye – about Iraq’s Mosul city.
  • Dooce – about satirical accounts of her experience at a company.
  • The Guyliner – about the blogger’s gay dating experiences. 
  • Fed Up With Lunch – the blogger was fed up with lunch served by the Chicago area school, that’s why the name of her blog!

Those famous bloggers use some general anonymous blog name ideas:

Get inspiration from your industry, and go for what’s already working. 

Popular Anonymous Blogs

3/ Add Modifying Words to Showcase Anonymity

What do I mean by that? Well, I mean adding these modifiers to some other words:

  • Anonymous
  • Secret or Secretive
  • Ghost
  • Incognito
  • Nameless
  • Unknown
  • Discrete
  • Unnamed
  • Mystery or Mysterious 
  • Invisible
  • Hidden
  • Disguised
  • Covet
  • Masked
  • Faceless
  • Whistleblower
  • Silent
  • Anon

So you add any of these words with another word showcasing your anonymity blog like this:

  • Faceless + [American] or [Medical Nurse] or whatever!

You got the idea!

4/ Use Blog or Domain Names Generators

Blog name generators and domain name registrars are powerful tools to help you come up with an anonymous blog name. The best thing is that they share the available domain names for your blog.

These are some of the best blog name generators and domain name registrars:

Instant Domain Search Generator

You can use these tools easily. Enter a few keywords or phrases about your blog niche, and that’s just it! The tool spits out tons of available anonymous blog domain names.

Or you can use chatbots like ChatGPT to get anonymous blog name ideas. You only need to write a prompt detailing your requirements, and boom! Try ChatGPT prompts to get the best results.

Also, discover the best ChatGPT prompts for productivity.

Top Picks for Anonymous Bloggers and Writers

Using the third tip, let me give you a few general names for an anonymous writing blog. 

  • Incognito Writer
  • Masked Muse
  • Whispering Pen
  • Secret Scribbles
  • Invisible Ink
  • Masked Writer
  • Hidden Voice
  • Secret Scribbler
  • Silent Pen
  • Nameless Blogger
  • Anonymous Muse
  • Unseen Blogger
  • Unknown Writer
  • Faceless Wordsmith
  • Shadow Scribe
  • Ghost Writer
  • Anonymous Chronicler
  • Stealthy Blogger
  • Unnamed Author
  • Cryptic Wordsmith
  • Phantom Penman
  • Unsung Blogger
  • Invisible Writer
  • Mysterious Blogger
  • Secretive Scribbler
  • Enigmatic Author
  • Hidden Writer
  • Masked Messenger
  • Unrecognized Wordsmith
  • Anonymous Commentator
  • Faceless Observer
  • Unknown Blogger
  • Anonymous Diarist
  • Disguised Writer

These names offer a sense of mystery and intrigue, perfect for an anonymous blogger who wants to keep their identity hidden while sharing their thoughts and ideas with the world.

Funny and Playful Anonymous Blog Name Ideas

You can go with general or boring names, or you have the option to be playful and funny. Get inspiration from the things around you, like gadgets, fruits, vegetables, and whatnot! 

  • Anonymous Avocado
  • Secret Squirrel
  • Incognito Isabella
  • Hidden Hippo
  • Mysterious Moose
  • Secret Pickle
  • Anonymous Armadillo
  • Stealthy Sloth
  • Mysterious Mango
  • Hidden Hedgehog
  • Incognito Iguana
  • Secret Seahorse
  • Anonymous Alpaca
  • Playful Panda
  • Mystery Monkey
  • Hidden Hamster
  • Secret Spaghetti
  • Incognito Ice Cream
  • Sneaky Snail
  • Anonymous Avocado Toast
  • Playful Pineapple
  • Mysterious Marshmallow
  • Hidden Hot Dog
  • Secret Smoothie
  • Anonymous Apple Pie
  • Playful Popsicle
  • Mysterious Muffin
  • Hidden Hamburger
  • Secret Sausage
  • Anonymous Artichoke
  • Playful Pepperoni
  • Mysterious Macaroon
  • Hidden Hot Chocolate
  • Secret Sundae
  • Anonymous Asparagus

These names are fun, whimsical, and sure to grab readers’ attention. If you want to inject some humor and personality into your blog, these names will do the trick. 

Clever and Witty Anonymous Blog Names

Okay, let’s get clever, humorous, and witty with blog names now. 

  • Pseudonym Philosopher
  • Wit Without a Name
  • Anonymous Wisecrack
  • Stealthy Satire
  • Quipster Incognito
  • Humor in Hiding
  • Inconspicuous Insights
  • Secret Comedian
  • Anonymous Anecdotes
  • Jester’s Mask
  • Hidden Humorist
  • Witty Wordsmith
  • Masked Mirthmaker
  • Incognito Ironist
  • Unknown Punster
  • Secret Parodist
  • Clandestine Comedian
  • Enigmatic Entertainer
  • Anonymous Observations
  • Covert Comic
  • Hidden Hilarity
  • Masked Merrymaker
  • Unknown Wit
  • Secret Sarcasm
  • Inconspicuous Jester
  • Cloaked Clown
  • Anonymous Wit and Wisdom
  • Mysterious Meme Master
  • Incognito Insurgent
  • Masked Mockery

Don’t like them? Try to get their inspiration, and don’t use the exact names. 

Niche-Based Anonymous Blog Name Ideas

Many niche website publishers and YouTubers don’t want to showcase their name; they want something like revenue or experiment. 

If you’re one of them, focus on your niche when naming your anonymous blog. 

Niche Blogging Image

For example, if your blog is about cooking and you want to remain anonymous, consider a name like “The Secret Sous Chef.” Or, if you want to blog about your travels, try a name like “Wanderlust in Disguise.” 

Let me give you a few more blog name ideas.

Travel Blog NamesFood Blog NamesDIY Blog Names
Wandering Wanderer
The Hidden Explorer
Adventurous Anon
Roaming Incognito
Anon. Adventures
Secret Globetrotter
The Unseen Traveler
Mysterious Journeyer
Anonymous Excursions
The Discreet Explorer
The Mystery Tourist
Incognito Explorer
Secret Sojourner
The Hidden Hiker
Roaming Rogue
Anonymous Abroad
The Discreet Voyager
The Enigmatic Escapist
The Unknown Nomad
Culinary Incognito
Mystery Chef
Hidden Gastronome
Secret Kitchen
Enigmatic Gourmand
The Unseen Table
Incognito Cuisine
The Masked Meal
Anonymous Epicure
The Secret Supper
Hidden Recipe Book
Disguised Delights
Unknown Food Critic
The Silent Savorer
Nameless Nourisher
Anonymous Appetite
Discreet Diner
The Unknown Foodie
The Covert Cook
Mysterious Menu
Crafty Incognito
Mysterious Maker
Secret Creator
Hidden Handyperson
Enigmatic Engineer
Anonymous Artistry
Discreet Designer
Unknown Upholsterer
Covert Carpenter
Crafty Creator
Secret DIYer
Anonymous Artisan
Hidden Handmade
Stealthy Stylist
Silent Seamstress
Clandestine Carpenter
Incognito Inventor
Nameless Nester

Have fun with it, and let your creativity shine!

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