As an AI enthusiast, I’m always looking for ways to use generative AI tools to my advantage. For example, I used ChatGPT for productivity in my online business ventures doubling the revenue. 

You can do the same with these best ChatGPT prompts for productivity to 10x or even 100x your efforts in your personal and professional life. You can also use these ChatGPT productivity tools, apps, and extensions to increase productivity.

But that doesn’t stop here. I’ll keep sharing more kickass prompts to turbocharge your productivity with ChatGPT. And it will not be just me; I’ll also share them on from across the web. So, ensure to swing by often!

Sounds exciting? Let’s dive in!

21+ Powerful ChatGPT Prompts for Productivity

These meticulously crafted AI prompts will help you skyrocket your productivity and transform your year with ChatGPT. I’ll also share the output for a few prompts. 

💡 Also, remember to experiment with these prompts by editing and giving more details. This will help you get improved and more accurate responses from ChatGPT.

1/ Get Personalized Guidance on Setting SMART Goals

"Provide me personalized guidance on setting small, practical goals using the SMART framework. Help me break down my larger objectives into Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound steps for better clarity and motivation using this information:

My big goal: 

My specific area of focus: 

Time constraints: 

Challenges I anticipate: "

You can also use this simple ChatGPT prompt to set SMART goals:

"Help me personalize setting SMART goals using the information below:

My big goal: 

My specific area of focus: 

Time constraints: 

Challenges I anticipate: "

The more details you share with ChatGPT, the better it can help you. 

2/ Prioritize Tasks by Urgency and Importance

"Help me prioritize the following tasks using the Eisenhower Matrix:

[Task 1]

[Task 2]

[Task 3]

[Task 4]

[Task 5]

Based on their urgency and importance, categorize each task into one of the following quadrants: Important and Urgent, Important but Not Urgent, Urgent but Not Important, Not Urgent and Not Important."

This ChatGPT productivity prompt will help you organize your tasks effectively and focus on what matters the most.

💡 By the way:

The Eisenhower Matrix is a productivity tool that helps prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance. It categorizes tasks into four quadrants: Important/Urgent, Important/Not Urgent, Urgent/Not Important, and Not Urgent/Not Important. Example: Urgent and Important tasks are done first.

3/ Develop a Digital Detox Plan to Boost Productivity

"Create a personalized digital detox plan to minimize distractions and enhance focus during my work hours, typically from [Insert your usual work hours].

My main distractions include [Insert the things that distract you most, such as social media, emails, or colleagues]. Provide practical strategies and techniques to help me establish healthier digital habits and focus better on my work tasks."

Using this prompt, you can use ChatGPT to generate a digital detox plan tailored to your specific work hours and the distractions that hinder your focus. 

The plan should include actionable steps, tips, and techniques that you can implement to minimize the impact of distractions and improve your productivity. 

Or you can also use this prompt to boost your productivity as an entrepreneur:

💡 By the way:

A digital detox plan is a strategy to reduce screen time and disconnect from digital devices like your smartphone. It aims to improve well-being and focus by setting limits, taking breaks, and engaging in offline activities.

4/ Customize the Pomodoro Technique for You

What’s better than doing all the things simultaneously? The fact is that you are never going to finish any task. Multitasking is dangerous

So, stop multitasking and ask ChatGPT to help you customize the Pomodoro technique using this prompt. 

"Help me customize the Pomodoro technique for boosting my productivity using the information below:

Work preferences: [Prefered duration for uninterrupted work sessions]

Task duration: [For example, 15-30 minutes for quick tasks, increase accordingly]

Break preferences: [Mindfulness exercises, a walk, and a cup of tea, or relaxing]

Productivity patterns: [The time when you are most focused, e.g., morning]

Specific work challenges: [Challenges and distractions]

Flexibility requirements: [Mention if your work requires pauses or extended sessions]."

Provide ChatGPT with the context and information required to help you customize your workflow using the Pomodoro technique.

And before using this prompt, you can also use the prompt below to seek advice on structuring work sessions and breaks to maximize productivity.

"What are some tips and strategies for effectively utilizing the Pomodoro Technique to increase productivity? How can I structure my work sessions and breaks to make the most out of this time management technique?"

💡 By the way:

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method where you work in focused intervals, typically 25 minutes, followed by a short break. It helps boost productivity and maintain concentration. For example, you work for 25 minutes, then take a 5-minute break, and repeat.

5/ Optimize Your Workflow With ChatGPT

You can ask ChatGPT to create a new optimized workflow from scratch or improve an existing one based on the provided information. 

"Optimize my workflow to achieve [Insert the main goal or outcome you wish to achieve with this workflow]. Create a streamlined process that maximizes [efficiency, enjoyment, profitability, or whatever]."

You can add more information to customize this prompt. 

"Current workflow (if applicable): 

Challenges and pain points: 

Desired improvements: 

Additional context or requirements:."

Clearly stating the goal, current workflow (if applicable), challenges, desired improvements, and any additional context will help ChatGPT generate more relevant and tailored suggestions for optimizing your workflow.

6/ ChatGPT Prompts for Developer Productivity 

If you are into coding, you can also use ChatGPT to increase your productivity as a backend developer. In this Twitter thread, Kuldeep Singh shares his top 10 ChatGPT prompts for that. 

7/ Speed Up Your Research

That might be controversial in the world of AI as of now. So, let me say this. 

Don’t solely depend on ChatGPT for your research. But you can combine it with your topic research. It’s like your personal assistant, but you must understand its limitations and always fact-check from reliable resources. 

Anyway, so here’s the ChatGPT prompt to speed up your research. 

"Could you recommend the most relevant and reliable sources of information on [specific topic] that can provide comprehensive insights quickly? This will help me stay current with the latest advancements and deepen my understanding of the subject."

Let me share my favorite ChatGPT prompt to simplify complex concepts.

"Explain [your topic] to a 10-year-old."

Or you can try these ChatGPT prompts for your topic research:

  • “What key concepts and theories are related to [your topic]?”
  • “Can you provide an overview of the historical background of [your topic]?”
  • “What are the main benefits and drawbacks of [your topic]?”
  • “What are the current trends and developments in [your topic]?”
  • “What are the major challenges and potential solutions in [your topic]?”
  • “What are the key research papers or studies conducted on [your topic]?”
  • “Can you provide a list of reputable sources and references for reading on [your topic]?”
  • “What real-world examples or case studies illustrate [your topic]?”
  • “What are the main stakeholders or organizations involved in [your topic]?”
  • “Can you explain the ethical implications or considerations related to [your topic]?”

Remember, it’s important to tailor these best ChatGPT prompts for productivity to your needs to get the most relevant and helpful information.

8/ Create a Workspace Designed for Optimal Focus

Ask ChatGPT to ask for guidance or step by step process of creating a workspace designed to focus on your work using this prompt. 

"Provide practical steps and tips to create a highly focused workspace. Include strategies for eliminating distractions, optimizing ergonomics, managing digital clutter, and fostering a productive atmosphere."

Again, you can include the information you want ChatGPT to consider when coming up with the step-by-step process of creating a focus-centric workspace to boost productivity. 

9/ Choose the Best Colors That Promote Productivity

Color psychology is essential in enhancing focus and motivation in a workspace. Here’s a prompt to ask for recommended colors for your workspace. 

"Can you recommend colors that promote concentration and productivity in a workspace? To create a productive atmosphere, I'm seeking guidance on the most suitable colors for walls, furniture, and decor."

Of course, you can tell ChatGPT about your preferences and the things that need color. 

10/ Ask ChatGPT for AI Image Prompts

With ChatGPT, you can quickly generate unique and captivating AI images using AI image tools like Midjourney

Just tell ChatGPT what kind of image you want, and it will generate a prompt you can use. Copy the prompt to Midjourney and let the AI generate your envisioned image. Let me give you a template for that. 

“Generate an AI image prompt that I can enter into Midjourney using this information:

Desired image in detail: 

Specific elements, colors, themes: “

This prompt will serve as the starting point for generating an image using AI image tools like Midjourney. Front there, you can use chained prompts until you finally get your Midjourney-generated image. 

11/ Convert ChatGPT Into Your Business Consultant

You can ask for business recommendations based on your provided information. Ask for innovative ideas, legal policies, and more. 

You can even take advantage of SWOT analysis to understand internal factors affecting your business progress using AI. 

For example, this ChatGPT prompt for consultants will help you do it quickly:

"As a business consultant specialized in SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis reports, your objective is to deliver concise evaluations of a specific business or product. 

Your role is to help the client comprehend their present business status, identify areas for enhancement, and address weaknesses. The initial business for analysis is:

[Your Business Information Here]."

12/ Summarize Everything With ChatGPT

You can use ChatGPT, GPT-3.5, GPT-4, or whatever to summarize everything from emails, articles, books, and movies. Whatnot! 

These are some of the best ChatGPT prompts to summarize the text.

Summarize a play:

"Provide me with an act-by-act summary of Julius Ceasar's play."

Summarize a topic or text:

"Write a concise and comprehensive summary of [topic or other details]."


"Create a summary capturing the main points and key details of [topic or other details]." 

Or my favorite one:

"Summarize this for me like I'm 8 years old:

[Add Your Text Here]."

Summarize an article:

"Write a well-designed summary with headings and subheadings based on what you can understand from this:

[Add text from article]."

Summarize a book:

"Summarize the book "[the Book Name]" by [Author] with all key points and supporting details. Ensure the summary includes relevant details and examples supporting the main ideas while avoiding unnecessary information or repetition."


"Summarize [Book Title] to help me create a book report. "

Summarize a research paper:

"Help me create an engaging introduction based on this research paper:

[Insert your research paper]."

Summarize a letter or application: 

"Create a summary of the complaint letter given below to better describe the issue I'm facing:

[Insert Your Letter]"

Create a summary of your customers’ feedback:

"Create a day's summary of customer feedback based on May 20, 2023, from this data:

[Insert Data Here]"

And the list goes on.

13/ Brainstorm Different Ideas & Names

Brainstorming can take tons of your time – finishing your productivity off! That’s where ChatGPT comes in! It was trained on extensive collections of text data, like books, webpages, and more.

In particular cases, you can use these anonymous feedback tools to get feedback from your employees. But generally, ChatGPT can be your consultant for almost anything.

Use these ChatGPT prompts for brainstorming ideas. 

"Generate ten creative ideas for [Specific Project or Problem]."


"Give me ten innovative names for a [Descriptive Business Type]."

14/ Proofread Your Content Fast

Going to your human proofreader will cost you money and time. Using ChatGPT to proofread your content fast is an excellent idea because of its advanced language processing capabilities. 

ChatGPT can quickly identify mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Improve your overall content structure using these prompts. 

"Proofread and help me identify any areas that need improvement in terms of clarity, coherence, and sentence structure in this piece of content:

[Your Content Here]"

Using these AI prompts, you can ask ChatGPT to focus on proofreading specific content, whether a document, an article, an email, or any other piece of writing. 

15/ Crunch Your Numbers for Making Reports

Use ChatGPT to uncover hidden patterns and trends in data like sales figures or marketing metrics. It can also summarize the data for you.

"Analyze the dataset below with the given details:

Data description: [Briefly describe the data and its context]

Key variables: [List the key variables/columns if not obvious]

Objective: [For example, identify trends, correlations, patterns, and summary]

Raw data: [Paste the raw data here]."

By providing the necessary information and raw data, you can prompt ChatGPT to perform the desired analysis on the dataset.

16/ Write Minutes of the Meeting Fast

Yes, you can write minutes of meeting faster than ever with the power of ChatGPT prompts. You only need to record the meeting, copy its text, and paste it into this prompt. 

"Generate meeting minutes from the following conversation:

[Insert Conversation Here]"

You can also add more instructions to tailor the mintues of the meeting accordingly. Or you can use many Minutes of Meeting AI Tools to do it all for you.

17/ Turn Your Voice Memos to Powerful Content

"Summarize the key points from the voice memo below and organize them logically by topic:

[Insert voice memo transcription]."

You can also use chained prompts and follow-up. 

"Transform each topic into a [concise written memo, article, or tweet] that effectively conveys the original purpose of my recorded thoughts. The target audience can be [my wife, my boss, or my Twitter following], and the format should be [concise or structured in x paragraphs]."

18/ Plan Your Next Trip Fast With ChatGPT

You can ask ChatGPT to be your travel agent. You can share your preferences, including your budget and favorite destinations. And it will offer personalized travel recommendations, suggest itineraries, and help you plan your perfect trip.

"Act as my travel agent or consultant now. So, I want to travel to a destination with warm US weather in January."

It’s just a prompt template; you can modify it according to your needs. For example, you might want to visit beaches, mountains, and more. You got the idea!

19/ Craft a Perfect Interview or Survey

ChatGPT can generate interview or survey questions based on your topic or data. Let me share a few ChatGPT prompts for boosting productivity among journalists, recruiters, and content markets. 

"Generate interview or survey questions based on the context and requirements:

Topic or interviewee: [Specify the topic or interviewee]

Initial questions: 

Specific requirements or focus areas:"

20/ Improve focus with a Personalized Meditation Plan

"Create a personalized meditation plan to improve my focus and concentration using this information:

My current level of meditation experience: 
Preferred meditation techniques (if any): 
The amount of time I can dedicate to meditation daily: "

Don’t forget to enter the relevant information in this ChatGPT productivity prompt. Let me share a few more prompts now.

"Recommend specific meditation techniques that are effective for enhancing focus and concentration. Guide how to practice these techniques and incorporate them into my daily routine."
"Suggest mindfulness exercises that specifically target improving focus and attention. Include techniques that can be practiced during meditation sessions and daily activities to reinforce focus-enhancing habits."
"Share tips and strategies for dealing with distractions during meditation sessions. Offer techniques for gently refocusing the mind and returning to the present moment when the mind wanders.

21/ Listen to the Right Music (If You Want to)

Can listening to music increase my productivity?

You can pose this question to ChatGPT following this prompt.

"Suggest me a few songs that can help me increase my work productivity using the information below:

Preferred music genres: 

Specific preferences: (instrumental, lyrical, energetic, calming, etc.)

Type of tasks you'll be performing:"

Skip the information if you are open to music to increase your focus.

FAQs for ChatGPT Prompts to Boost Productivity

In this section, I’ll answer some relevant questions about ChatGPT prompts for productivity boosts. 

Q1/ What are the top ChatGPT productivity tools?

Here are 10 tools developed using ChatGPT‘s natural language processing technology to improve efficiency in different tasks:

  • Bardeen ChatGPT Chrome Extension to automate web apps and manual tasks. 
  • AIPRM for ChatGPT – Productivity tool powered by prompts. 
  • AI Engine – Your GPT to do tasks and generate content and images. 
  • Merlin ChatGPT extension to finish any job on any website.
  • WebChatGPT – ChatGPT with real-time web access.
  • Phind search engine powered by ChatGPT & GPT4.
  • MacGPT – Bring the power of ChatGPT to your Mac.
  • EasyCode – ChatGPT For developer productivity. 

Q2/ What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an advanced AI language model by OpenAI. It can answer questions and have conversations like a human. It’s used for repetitive tasks such as virtual assistants, customer service automation, and more. 

Trained on lots of data, ChatGPT gives smart and natural-sounding responses. It’s flexible and can understand different topics.

Q3/ What are ChatGPT prompts?

ChatGPT prompts are inputs or words you use to generate responses from them. They can be sentences, paragraphs, articles, or codes. Your output is as good as your input, you know. So, well-crafted prompts maximize ChatGPT’s potential for increasing productivity, creativity, and whatnot!

Q4/ What Are Some ChatGPT Productivity Tips?

  • Define goals. 
  • Give a proper role to ChatGPT. 
  • Ask ChatGPT for examples. 
  • Set time limits when prompting the ChatGPT
  • And experiment with the best ChatGPT prompts for productivity.

Refining your prompts is one of the best ChatGPT productivity hacks. So, modify them, and provide additional details to get more accurate and valuable results. Also, explore the “AI for You” section of this blog to learn how you can use AI to your advantage. 

Q5/ What Are the ChatGPT Prompts for Career Development?

These prompts offer valuable guidance and insights to support your professional growth and decision-making. Type in who you are (e.g., I’m a doctor) before these prompts. 

  • “How can I stay current in my industry?”
  • “What are some ways to advance my career?”
  • “Create a five-year career development plan.”
  • “What are some ways to develop my professional skills?”
  • “Discover effective strategies for [Your Goal, e.g., job searching or networking] in [Your Career].”
  • “Craft a compelling cover letter for [Your Potential Designation] using the information: [Enter the Relevant Information Here].”
  • “I have an interview for [Job or Promotion]; give me a list of common interview questions and their best answers.”

Q6/ What Are Some Examples of Productivity?

Here are 10 quick examples of productivity:

  1. Completing tasks efficiently and on time.
  2. Meeting deadlines consistently.
  3. Generating high-quality work or products.
  4. Effective time management and prioritization.
  5. Streamlining processes to reduce waste and save time.
  6. Collaborating effectively with team members.
  7. Using technology and tools to automate and simplify tasks.
  8. Continuously learning and improving skills.
  9. Efficiently handling multiple tasks simultaneously.
  10. Achieving goals and targets effectively.

Q7/ How Chatbots Increase Productivity

Chatbots increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks, offering instant responses, and handling multiple inquiries simultaneously. They save time, reduce human error, and enable professionals to focus on higher-value tasks.

Q8/ How To Use Chatbots In Your Daily Workflow For Improved Productivity?

Here’s how you can use chatbots in your daily workflow for improved productivity:

  • Add chatbots to your email or messaging apps.
  • Let them handle routine tasks like scheduling or reports.
  • Use chatbots for fast answers to common questions.
  • Get data and do research with chatbots.
  • Develop your own ChatGPT prompts for productivity.
  • Train them for customer support or internal questions.
  • Improve chatbots over time for better results.
  • Work together with chatbots to boost productivity.

You can use these buttons to come up with the best ChatGPT productivity prompts even more.

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