Generative AI has become extremely popular, especially after the advent of ChatGPT. The tech is eye-opening of what is possible today. Many people thought they were going to lose their jobs because of AI. 

However, many jumped into the AI trend and started exploring ways to make money with generative AI. And it’s not just about creating AI products or services but also using the best AI tools to your advantage. 

In this post, you will learn how to make money with AI in different ways. 

But remember, AI is just a tool or tech. It is not a magic wand that will solve all your problems and make you rich overnight. But it can help you do what you do faster than ever; this way, you can make money.

17 Powerful Ways On How to Make Money with AI

Enough said! Let’s dive straight into AI money-making ideas. 

1/ Writer Blogs, Copies, And More Faster

Content creation has always been important for businesses to reach and engage with customers. That’s where AI comes in handy. With a generative AI, you can easily generate content for your clients or your business.

And even if you believe that human writers produce better quality content, AI can still be a great tool to assist. It can help you develop ideas and suggestions for your writing, saving time and effort.

Generative AI can automate many aspects of content creation, including writing, editing, and design. And it can help do many things to amp up your niche blogging

For example, you can:

  • Generate blog posts that rank on Google.
  • Write scripts with AI for your YouTube videos.
  • Create bingeworthy posts for social media.
  • Do the copywriting with AI that converts.
  • Write poems, emails, and much more. 

AI content creation saves time, produces consistent content, and boosts your writing skills. Generate different types of content with AI tools to earn money for yourself or your clients.

I highly recommend using these exceptional AI writing tools:

2/ Make Money on YouTube with AI

Making money on YouTube and running a successful channel requires time and effort. YouTube automation helps you make faceless videos and fully automates the whole process. Generative AI video tools can create videos, voiceovers, thumbnails, and scripts. 

That’s not all! With generative AI, you can analyze channel performance, find the best keywords, and generate video ideas based on trends. AI-powered automation tools make YouTube content creation convenient and efficient.

Here are my top favorite AI video generators, editors, and other tools:

  • Pictory to effortlessly generate faceless videos with just a script. 
  • Descript to edit your videos or podcasts like a pro. 
  • vidIQ and TubeBuddy to manage, optimize, and grow your YouTube channel.  
  • Elai or Synthesia will generate AI videos with a human avatar.

You can use AI-generated tools to polish your videos, make money with YouTube Partner Program, and more. Also, these YouTube automation tools help you grow your brand by saving time and enhancing video quality. 

3/ Generate and Sell AI Artwork

AI art has revolutionized the art industry, offering new opportunities and marketplaces. With AI art generators, you can create unique pieces in minutes and make money faster than ever. 

It may appear easy, but it is quite challenging to create AI artwork that people are willing to pay for. These AI tools help you create artwork with just a couple of text.

Pro Tip: Improve prompt engineering to get the best results and find a niche in an oversaturated market. And remember, AI is a tool, not a replacement for artists. 

Let me give you a few ideas on how you can make money with AI artwork:

  • Partner with local galleries to showcase and sell your AI art.
  • Collaborate with writers or businesses to illustrate books, articles, or marketing materials.
  • Sell AI-generated art prints or digital copies on your website, Etsy, Artfinder, and more. 
  • Create AI portraits for individuals or families.
  • License your artwork for use in magazines, newspapers, or online publications.
  • Mint AI-generated artwork as NFTs to sell on NFT marketplaces.
  • Integrate AI art into videos, games, and VR experiences.

And the opportunities are limitless. 

4/ Edit and Create Custom Images With AI

You are not limited to AI artwork; you can also use AI image generators to create and edit captivating images. And then, you can use those images for your own or your client’s blog or social media to make money online with AI. 

You can use AI image generators like DALLE-E and Stable Diffusion with just a few words. And you can also tweak changes to your images with AI image editors like:

The changes you can make to images with AI are just mind-blowing. For example, Adobe Sensei enables fast and accurate edits for stunning photorealistic effects. It’s like your AI design assistant. 

5/ Create Music, Sound Effects, Voices, and More

Generative AI can help you create original music, sound effects, and other audio assets. You can license your AI-generated audio for various projects to businesses, filmmakers, or individuals.

And that’s not the only way to make money with AI voice; you can also use it to:

  • Generate unique voices for your videos, games, or audiobooks.
  • Create voice-based chatbots and virtual assistants.
  • Produce audio ads with AI sound effects. 

AI-powered music generators like AIVA can produce music in various genres, moods, and even instruments. Similarly, Google’s NSynth lets you create original sounds by combining existing ones. You can also use music production software like Amper Music.

Also, check out the best AI music generators:

And these are the top AI voice generators:

6/ Improve SEO with AI Content Optimization

With generative AI tools, people are creating crappy content online more than ever. And search engines are constantly changing their algorithms in response, making it challenging to keep up. 

But the good thing is that AI content optimization simplifies ranking higher on search engines and increases traffic. You can provide AI-powered SEO services to businesses and bloggers who want to improve website ranking and generate organic traffic. 

AI-driven SEO tools analyze content and provide suggestions for improvement based on keyword density, readability, and relevance.

These are some of the top AI content optimization tools:

And it’s not just content optimization; you can use many AI SEO tools to supercharge your SEO:

7/ Code Your Next Big Thing With AI

Building a tech product is a complex process that involves generating an idea, designing the blueprint, coding, testing, and launching. The timeline can vary from months to years, depending on the complexity. 

AI code assistants can accelerate this process with the following:

  • Real-time suggestions.
  • Automated tasks.
  • Aid in debugging.

All these things result in faster development with fewer errors. You can code with AI faster, collaborate in real-time, and make money with your product sooner. Generative AI can help you in indie product development in mind-boggling ways.

This can help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life more quickly and efficiently. You can use generative AI tools to develop new products for the consumer market, B2B applications, or even internal products for your business.

With AI coding tools, developers of all levels can increase productivity and accelerate time to market. Here are some of the top AI code generators and editors:

8/ Automate Your Sales With AI

AI can tremendously streamline sales operations by automating repetitive yet essential tasks. Tools like Gong,, and Sendspark organize leads, track sales, and provide insights for improving sales strategies through performance data analysis.

This enables salespeople to focus on relationships and closing deals rather than administrative tasks. However, businesses often struggle to adopt advanced tools due to technical complexities or lack of awareness.

This presents a golden opportunity for those proficient in AI sales platforms to offer their expertise as a service. You can help businesses overcome these hurdles and leverage AI to boost sales and efficiency.

9/ Launch and Improve AI Chatbot Service

Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize chatbot services. Generating more natural and engaging responses it enhances the user experience. Also, you can use it to create personalized and effective customer support messages. 

This technology offers exciting opportunities to enhance customer interactions and satisfaction. You can make money with generative AI by helping businesses launch and improve custom AI chatbot services for themselves or their clients. 

That’s where you get started.:

You can also build your chatbot with AI with NLP in Python or ChatGPT. 

10/ Freelance Your Digital Marketing Skills With AI

Freelancing with AI is a popular way to earn money online. Offering your skills as a service using AI tools can attract global clients. However, not everyone knows how to use AI tools, making your skills valuable effectively. 

For example, with AI marketing tools, you can help automate marketing tasks, such as creating campaigns and analyzing results. You can use these tools as a freelancer to deliver your products or services online and make money. 

You can offer your AI-powered services in these digital marketing aspects:

  • Content creation
  • Social media management
  • Ad optimization, and more. 

Let me give you a quick idea. You can use ChatGPT for proofreading and creating grammatically accurate content. Using these efficient ChatGPT prompts for proofreading will streamline the process even faster. 

11/ Start Your AI Consultancy

Not for beginners, of course. Instead, it is a method of earning money with AI for professionals and AI experts. AI is a rapidly growing field, and businesses need guidance on how to get started with incorporating AI into their operations. 

As an expert in the field, you can offer your services as an AI consultant and make money while helping companies tap into the full potential of AI.

Some key areas where businesses may require AI consultancy services include:

  • Developing an AI strategy for their business goals 
  • Selecting and implementing the right tools and algorithms
  • Training employees on using AI tools and understanding its impact on their jobs
  • Integrating AI into existing systems and processes
  • Conducting research or feasibility studies for new AI projects 

As an AI consultant, you can work with businesses of all sizes and industries, offering your expertise to help them leverage AI for success. This is a lucrative field, especially as the demand for AI increases in various sectors.

Pro Tip:  Use these ChatGPT prompts for consulting services. 

12/ Make Money With AI Web Design and Prototyping

Generative AI can help you create eye-catching and functional web designs in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods. Tools like The Grid, Firedrop, and Adobe Sensei use AI algorithms to design and prototype websites based on user preferences.

You can make money with generative AI by offering your clients web layouts, mockups, and user interfaces. These are some of the top tools for website development:

13/ Generate Virtual Influencers With AI

Influencers on social media make tons of money by endorsing products and services. However, creating content takes time and effort. With AI tools like Synthesia, you can generate virtual influencers to market brands or businesses.

Virtual influencers are AI-generated characters that mimic human behavior and engage with social media users. They have gained popularity recently as they offer a more cost-effective and less time-consuming option for businesses.

Some of my friends automate successful YouTube channels with AI avatars using Synthesia. You can either do it yourself or offer your AI virtual influencer services to businesses looking to increase their online presence and brand awareness.

14/ Create 3D Models With AI

Generative AI tools like PiXYZ can generate 3D models for video games, movies, and other applications. And then, you can make money with AI by creating 3D models for businesses in various industries. 

For example, real estate agencies may require virtual property tours, or interior design companies may need realistic mockups of their designs. You can use AI to generate these 3D models quickly and offer them as a service to your clients.

These are some of the top AI 3D model generators:

15/ Translate Code Languages

Many generative AI tools can translate code languages, aiding developers in working with diverse programming languages. It allows for faster and more efficient coding by automating the translation process.

You can make money with AI by offering code language translation services to businesses or individuals looking to develop applications or software. This service is precious for those working on projects with teams from different countries or regions.

These are some of the top AI code translators:

16/ Do the Market Research With AI

Generative AI helps you analyze data to identify market trends, patterns, and opportunities. This helps businesses make informed decisions and improve performance. And you can make a lot of money if you know what you are doing. 

You can also leverage AI to analyze customer data and create targeted marketing campaigns for specific customer segments. This can help businesses increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and improve customer engagement.

17/ Use AI for Crypto Trading

AI has revolutionized almost every industry. So why not crypto tradings? AI trading algorithms can analyze market data and make predictions to inform investment decisions. This helps traders minimize risks and maximize profits.

Earn money with generative AI by offering your services as an AI crypto trader to individuals or businesses interested in cryptocurrency investments. 

Or you can use these AI crypto trading bots to make money for yourself:

If you’re into crypto, it goes without saying that crypto trading is highly risky, and automated crypto trading can also be risky.

FAQs for Earning Money With AI

Let me answer a few questions now. 

How to Make Money with Generative AI Without Investment

Most beginner-friendly methods above can help you make money with generative AI without substantial financial investment. For example, you can use free AI tools to start a business or offer freelancing services. 

And if you are a pro, you can also explore creating your own generative AI products to sell, such as custom 3D models or virtual influencers. With the rise of online marketplaces and platforms for digital goods, there is a huge potential for making passive income with generative AI.

Can I use AI to make money?

Yes, you can use AI to make money in various ways. From using AI-powered tools to offering services to create your own AI products, there is a lot of potential for making money with AI. You can offer content creation services or sell the content as a product, like artwork or music. 

Also, you can partner with companies to pair AI with their products or services or create your AI-powered app. The options are endless.

Do I need coding skills to make money with AI?

No, you don’t necessarily need coding skills to make money with AI. While knowing how to code can be beneficial, many user-friendly AI tools don’t require coding knowledge. You can also offer your services as a consultant or freelancer without knowing how to code.

How much money can I make with generative AI?

The amount of money you can make with generative AI depends on various factors such as your skills, services or products, marketing efforts, and demand in the market. But many people make from a few hundred dollars to even over a million.

How do you make passive income with AI?

To earn passive income with AI, you must create systems and processes to generate income without actively working daily. This can include creating and selling digital products or offering services with minimal maintenance, such as automated trading bots. 

Can you use ChatGPT to make money?

You can use ChatGPT to write content, research the internet database, integrate it into your website, offer consulting services, and more. With the recent advancements in AI, the potential for monetizing with ChatGPT is constantly growing. 

You can use these ChatGPT productivity tools to outperform your competitors. 

How can I use AI to invest?

AI can revolutionize investments through automated trading algorithms, data analysis, and predictions. You can also offer services as an AI crypto trader or use AI tools for portfolio management and risk assessment. 

Investing in AI technology itself is another opportunity for income generation. Start exploring these powerful ways to make money with AI today! Remember, success requires dedication and continuous learning as technology evolves. Happy earning!

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