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Are you tired of dealing with an army of in-house writers or an expensive content writing agency? Do you feel too overwhelmed to work alone on keyword research, link-building and creating premium content at the same time?


Are you looking for professional SEO content writing services that help you rank higher in SERPs? If yes, you’ve reached the right place because:

  • I’m not your typical content writer who rewrites the same shit over & over again and aims for word count.
  • I know how search engines like Google work and how to create friendly content for them and the end-user.
  • My SEO content services include everything, so you outrank your competition faster than ever at an affordable pricing.

But what does ‘everything’ include?

My Mission & What I Bring to the Party

My mission is to help people find the right answers online with powerful SEO content services. In other words, I’ll minimize the distance between a bot and a human. And that’s what makes a piece of content friendly to search engines and lovable to readers alike.

What else?

  • Useful – Valuable – Unique content
  • Readability to decrease the bounce rate
  • Snippet friendliness for high search visibility
  • Powerful calls-to-action to drive conversions
  • On-page knowledge from latent semantic indexing to natural language processing
  • Data-driven on-page SEO practices [SurferSEO & Moz On-Page Grader reports]

No, wana dig deeper? Sure 🙂

My SEO Content Services Include

>Fulfilled User’s Intent

If you ask me the number one ranking factor, I’ll confidently claim that it is ‘user intent’. All the search engines in the world including Google are after this one factor. And every algorithm update from Panda to RankBrain to E.A.T fulfills searcher’s intent.

Luckily, I create well-researched content that satisfies your reader’s intent. That’s the powerful content which doesn’t get affected by any small or core algo update because it satisfies the end-user.

>Optimized Keywords Sprinkled Naturally

SEO isn’t dead, never will it be. Search engines are getting more sophisticated than ever. But it doesn’t mean you don’t need to add keywords in your content. Keyword stuffing kills. But adding keywords naturally boosts your visibility in SERPs. 

Here’s the exciting thing: I’ll not only write for a specific keyword suggested by you, but also research more keywords to optimize your content accordingly.

>Eye-catchy Images for SEO & Brand Awareness

If you in the business, you know the power of attractive and optimized images. And you don’t need to spend your bucks hiring a designer. I’ve got you covered with custom-sized images designed with Canva and other tools.

SEO content writing services must contain more than written content. Why? It’s because the expected result is higher ranking. And you don’t achieve that with boring texts only. Let me reassure you I offer one-stop on-page SEO services.

>Enjoy the Power of Content Clusters

Content clusters improve search results without a doubt. The purpose is to go deeper into the subject. Creating clusters around your pillar content is a surefire way to boost your EAT in Google, i.e. Expertise, Authority, & Trust. 

The more your EAT is, the better ranking you’ll get. It’s that simple. What I do for you is build ‘Pillar Content’ surrounded by content clusters to amp up your game in search engines in the long run. And that’s why you need optimized content clusters, not just a post or two.

>Strong Inter-linking to Outrank Your Competitors Fast

Google loves your content only if it has links geared towards fulfilling your visitors’ intent. And the best way to get links initially is from your own online property. Also, it lets the search engine know the structure and niche of your website or blog.

In short, inter-linking is a powerful ranking factor. And I’ll not only inter-link your posts properly, but also create new ones if needed. Working with me saves tons of time and energy doing everything yourself.

500+ On-Page Ranking Signals

>Get Highest Content Score on Surfer SEO

The Surfer analyzes 500+ on-page ranking signals and give your content a score. The higher the score is, the higher will be the quality of your content. Working with me ensures you get the highest content score among all ranking pages for your keywords. 

Of course you could buy plans and do it yourself. But then it takes time and money. SurferSEO plans start from $59 to $199 per month. But no worries, I’m here for you. I’ll send you a complete report from the data-driven on-page SEO tool with a green score. No extra charges!

Why SurferSEO?

As I told you earlier, the tool analyzes over 500 on-page signals on-the-go. If you optimize your page manually, you can only analyze a few ranking factors in tons of time. With Surfer, you’re sure you have the best content to roll on SERPs.

From Authority Hacker’s Gaël Breton to on-page king Matthew Woodward to Diggity Marketing’s Matt, everyone loves it. Don’t believe me? Let’s see what they have to say about it.

“Surfer is the perfect balance between ease of use and depth of data. They understand SEO and make optimizing for your queries accessible to the masses.”
Gael Breton
Authority Hacker

“So I deleted 85% of my content, including 901 blog comments. 2 days after doing precisely what Surfer told me to do, I moved straight into the number 1 position.”
Matthew Woodward

Get 80+ Score on Moz On-Page Grader

Moz is a renowned SEO company with a lot of useful tools. You may not like Moz’ data coverage as much as Ahrefs & SEMRush, but you will appreciate its On-Page Grader. It analyzes over 27 on-page SEO ranking factors to give your content a score out of 100. 

You can only use it if you have a Moz Pro plan costing you from $99 to $599 per month. It’s a lot of money, but then it’s worth it if you use all of its products. Here’s the promise: I will provide a piece of content with 80+ Moz On Page Grader score. No extra charges!

Get Content Graded by Moz

Why Moz On-Page Grader?

Moz is one of the top-rated SEO companies in the world. You can get all the SEO insights based on multiple search engines. The Moz on-page SEO grader tool helps you optimize your content to rank higher in search results. 

Many industry experts love the On-Page Grader by Moz. And I’ll provide its report along-with the content even if you order for only one blog post or article. The only thing you need to know is that it analyzes a published page.

What You Need to Do

Actually Nothing But…

SEO is complex. From technical SEO to backlinks, and from domain structure to analytics, you’ll do everything. But from now on, you don’t need to do keyword research, SERPs analysis, internal links, and many other on-page things. 

With my SEO content services, I become your unofficial partner. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let me do the magic for you. This way, you’ll be more focused on other things important for your business. Sounds great?

SEO Content Writing Services for Specific Niches

I create SEO content specific for a particular niche from home development to gardening to technology. And the credit for this goes to:

  • My reading habit
  • Ability to dig deeper
  • And interviewing experts

The only niche I cannot create content for is ‘health’ because it requires a certain level of knowledge and professional certifications. My SEO niche content writing services include writing affiliate content, how-to posts, ultimate guides, and the list continues.

B2B & B2C SEO Writing Services

Publishing valuable content regularly boosts a company’s finances significantly, regardless of its b2b2 or b2c nature. With my content writing services, you’re guaranteed to communicate effectively with your buyers and users.

Why? It’s because I understand the difference between the two, and I am a marketing graduate (who has worked for a marketing department of a technology company in the past)

Why My Full-fledged SEO Content Writing Services

Unlike other SEO article writing services, I offer a full package of on-page SEO for your website. There’re tons of reasons you deserve to invest in premium content.

  • 60% of people find it hard to produce top-quality content consistently, according to Zazzle Media survey (That’s why I offer clustered content, not just one post that gets no results)
  • Quality on-page content increases traffic by as much as 2000%, according to Marketing Sherpa case study. (And I offer full-fledged on-page writing services, not just the written content)
  • Content with images gets 94% more total views, according to Jeff Bullas’ findings. (With my services, you get attractive & unique images)
  • There are tons and tons of on-page SEO ranking factors, according to Moz. (and I work on over 500 on page ranking signals by Surfer so you get maximum results)

The premium SEO content attracts the right audience to your website so you get a maximum return on investment. But it doesn’t stop here. It actually makes your business an authority in the online world by higher rankings on search engines like Google.

How It Works

These on page SEO content services include everything

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